Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Time In Florida

Florida, that's the first state here in America that my seaman brother went to. The ship where he works docked over there and they are all happy that they got the chance to roam around nearby the dock port. He was all excited when he chatted with me and told me that they went to a lot of places, stores and the beautiful beaches out there. Since that they don't have personal vehicle service, they hired someone to take them anywhere they want to, which saved them some dollars because they shared all of them for the fare.

Anyway, he also mentioned to me that soon if he gets the opportunity to work there in Tampa Bay, he would love to own a house and of course a car. He said that the van they hired took them to a car dealer store in Tampa used cars. That's where the owner of the van got his vehicle and suggested them that if they want to get a car, they should go there instead because the service is just so great that every customer would want to have. He also showed me their video blog and i must say that indeed the store is the perfect place to get used cars because they are offering such good deals.

Well, i told my younger brother that who knows, his dream might come true and will get that opportunity he's been wishing for, to live in Tampa and have his family of his own with their lovely house so we can sometimes visit them someday. He said that if ever his wish comes true, he would like to have a big o' truck for himself, which i think is very typical for men to get those kind of personal vehicles.

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