Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hanging Out Inside The House

One of the things i like to put in my kitchen if ever we will move to a new house, is to have a wine glass rack. It always fascinates me whenever i see a house that has it. Looks so elegant and also it is a good idea to have one if your friends come over to your house so often. My kitchen place right now isn't that so big to have some kind of glass racks. That's one thing i told about to hubby, it will be nice if we'll have one like that to our new house, so my friends who like to drink wine can just easily grab a glass by the rack.

A friend of mine has it already in her place, and it's from her where i got the idea about it. Although i don't drink wine and so as hubby, but i still like to have one in house soon to be house. There's a lot of changes i want to have if ever we get a new house, i want a bigger space for the living room and a special place where my friends and i can hang out and do some fun things like watching our favorite shows, movies, dancing, singing and playing games.
I will probably put a hanging wine glass rack out there so my friends can easily grab a glass while we are there. I like having fun more on inside with my friends especially during winter, rather than going out to the mall or maybe go see a movie. It would be just nice if we can just keep ourselves warm inside our house while having fun and at the same time, will be able to save some bucks by just buying ingredients of the food we like to cook while drinking our punch or maybe their favorite wines.

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