Monday, January 24, 2011

New Lamp For My New Lappy

I am so happy that hubby bought me this new laptop. It's bigger than my old one and it's definitely latest! Since i just barely got it earlier from the store, i am still trying to get used to it for it is absolutely different from my old broken one. Hubby got it for me yesterday and we left it there in the store so the geek people can set it up for me and it will be ready for me to use. A lot of friends and family teased me to just leave this laptop again out in the open so my little one can get into this laptop again and break it, lol, that won't happen anymore, no way! So before we got this laptop, hubby also got me a small desk where i can permanently put my laptop and put it under it if i don't use it.

Anyway, aside from that, my friends and i stopped by at Home Depot. I bought a nice lamp out there for me to use whenever if i don't need the flourescent light. It was a nice and a good one i got, also the price of course is really a great deal because, aside from it is just affordable, i was able to use a home depot coupon code as well. So instead of paying the original price, i only paid almost just a one third of it. So, it made me happy that i shopped there for my new lamp to use it if i am here doing my blogging.

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