Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will Be Yearly Tradition

I have been thinking to post some of my pictures here that was taken during our gatherings in new year, but i guess i got busy to something else. Like the usual gatherings, we sure had fun with my good friends and of course the kids as well. They blew the horn and wore those silly hats that my friend prepared, and the grown ups wore the crown, and the ladies looked like we are miss universe haha... We all enjoyed the food too, it was a very sumptuous dinner we had, there was some left overs and we brought some home and shared each one of us what we had.

I am sure it's going to be a tradition every year that we will be celebrating the holidays with the same friends and it will be held at the same big house of my friend. This picture below i shared was taken during the 2011 new year celebration. I finally got my new contact lens, the color that i picked before but my son insisted that i should get the blue one, lol! Now i got the honey colored contact lens and i so love it!
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Anonymous said...

Nice pic Darl:D I lost my camera before New Years eve mao wa ko katake pix:( but I do want to take pictures during gatherings and special occasion for memories! Happy new Year!