Monday, March 1, 2010

Should I Or Should I Not?

Just go back home from the clinic, took my boys there for their shots and wasn't able to check the mail box when i left. When we got back hubby checked our mailbox and handed me the yellow envelope that came from Consulate General of the Philippines from San Francisco where i got my passport renewed. We both got curious what was inside the envelope. I joked around and told him that i might did something wrong and they are going to deport me to Philippines very soon while opening the envelope. And he said that that's not it, if i am going to be deported, it would be the US immigration that'll do that to me, not my embassy will send me notice.

Well, anyway, when i opened the envelope, it answered all our questions. It was a ballot paper for absentee voting. I remember now, i registered myself for absentee voting when i renewed my passport. But my question is, i don't really know a whole lot of background about these people that are being listed to the ballot papers. I don't want to just vote whoever i like because of their names, duh! I want to vote because i knew something about them and they have done something good to the country. So, should i vote or should i not? I am now turning 29 years old but never voted once yet. I always boycott because i never wanted to vote people that are corrupt and full of crap in their mouth. I am still hoping that Philippines is going to pick up and the economy will do good. Mostly candidates are full of promises but soon after they are elected, they forget what they just promised to the people that are hoping for good representation. I feel so sorry for the poor people, the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. How's that? Philippines indeed needs a good government, but when will that be? When is that going to happen? That, i don't know...

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texas_sweetie said...

magpangutana nalang kas imong family kinsa ila pagtuo ang ila butaran that way naa kay idea kinsa pud imo butaran..