Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tempting Across The Street

The sun is showing up! Well, it did yesterday too but it was still cold outside to stay. My son was bugging me that he wanted to play in our backyard but i didn't let him because he wasn't feeling so well. Now the sun is shining again and my son asked me if he could go outside today since he is now a little better. So i told him that he cannot play alone, he's got to wait for his Daddy to watch him. I don't trust him being outside no more because soon as he hears the kids playing trampoline across the street then he would get excited and wants to join those kids.
I have no problem with him to mingle with the kids though, it's just that our house is across the street which is the road he is going to cross is a state highway that's 50 miles per hour speed limit. And take note, it is a pretty busy road, i would not dare take risk letting him go and play by himself or he might get tempted to cross the street just by himself so he can join the kids playing. It's better to think ahead than regret for the rest of my life later on. My son is one smart kid, he understands everything i try to explain to him, even though sometimes he wants to get what he wants but he can never win over me, he has to know that i am his mom and he has to follow whatever i say because all i would tell him is for his own good. I keep on telling him that i love him so much and he should listen to me so he won't be harmed or make a mistake from whatever he tries to do.

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