Wednesday, March 10, 2010


For the very first time i heard my son said that he is not going to school today. He is sick, been throwing up since yesterday and until now he doesn't feel good still. Although he is a little better than he was yesterday, but he told me he is not going to school today because he is worried that he might throw up in there and his classmates will make fun of him. I told him that his classmates will not make fun of him, it's just that, it's not good to go to school when he is sick. So i decided not to send him to school today and let him have a rest so he will be better. He didn't even eat that much of the food i cooked for him, he just had a couple of bite and he handed me his plate after telling me he cannot eat it because it might make him throw up again. I keep on giving him liquids though, so at least he won't be hungry and weak. I feel sorry for my poor boy, he is always excited to go to school but not today, too weak to be fired up to get dressed and go to school. I am hoping that he will get better right away so he will be able to go to school on Friday.

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