Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Bestfriend's Birthday

Today is my best friend's since birth's birthday. We almost have the same birthday but she came out a little late than me. She is the smartest friend and the most shy as well. I remember those days when we were just in grade school. I used to defend her from those insecure classmates because they always tease her that she is a teacher's pet. So i just yell back to them that they should study harder and be smart like my friend so they will become teacher's pet as well. But sometimes i get mad at her too because of my father. He always compare me to her, he always tells me that my friend is way better than me, she is worth everything than me. Well, every individual has capacities of skills and intelligence. I tried my very best to stay in the top ten which i did, but that wasn't good enough for my father.

But anyway, i lost contact for over two years now with my best friend. She was very busy and doing some paper works for her job the last time we chatted. And until now i haven't heard from her yet since then. I just hope that when i go home, we get to see each other again and will be able to spend some time just the two of us, i so miss her because she is the only friend i have when i was young. She is the only one that can put up with my tantrums and my sudden mood swing. To you my best friend, Happy happy birthday!!!

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