Monday, March 15, 2010

Special Gifts For Them

Almost everything are packed already even though there is still plenty of time to prepare for everything, yet i still have few that i need to buy for my dear family. I love giving them presents because they appreciates whatever i give to them. My mother has hers already and so as my siblings. Now i have to think for my aunts and uncles, although i am not obliged to bring them something but it is my happiness to bring them presents to make them smile. They don't expect nothing from me really though, it's just me that wants to buy things for them because they have been so good to me and been giving me presents during my childhood days.

And now that i am here, i am thinking that it is my turn to give them presents in return. One of my uncle back home smokes cigars and he didn't know that i am coming home, he will be so surprised when i get there and will hand him the Black and Mild that i am going to buy specially just for him. Isn't it so nice that we get to make other people happy by simply giving them things that they like? Well, i do love receiving gifts myself and i know that others feels the same way like i do, that's why i give gifts to those people that are special to me.

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