Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Please Drag The Days

I have been staring this posting box for awhile now and still nothing came out from my mind. Mentally blocked! I have so many tasks to write yet i ran out of words to come up to. Too much things going on in my mind and too much house work to do! I don't even know which one should i do first! I want to do everything but i seem can't figure out how to start. I have restless nights lately, maybe too excited to go back home and maybe just too tired of trying to get all things done at the same time. Good thing that spring is almost here, that way i can get away from being stuck inside the house for the whole winter season. I need to get away so bad, i have been hibernated inside the house for a year now since i gave birth and i need to unwind for me to divert my attention to something else. Could anyone please drag the days quickly for me? So that i can go back home to Philippines right away.... Sigh!

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