Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ramp Models

I am currently watching television while updating my website here. Multi-tasking eh! Plus i have my baby with me sleeping in my arms. I love watching modeling channel because i get to learn by watching the models how to walk, how to project, and how to carry themselves in front of the crowd. I am so impressed with those models that even though sometimes accident happens on the stage, they still able to manage how to recuperate from accidents. One thing that i also look at them is their spotless faces, they look so sophisticated and acnefree. Of course, that's a big no no to the models for having such an embarrassing acne. They have to take care of their skin and so as their figure as well. But i also wonder if they can eat treats such as chocolates and other things. I once dreamed to be a ramp model though but i guess that's impossible since i am a tiny person and i don't have the looks like those models i have seen in television.

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