Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Helpful Toys For Babies

My baby is getting so big and i cannot just stop him from growing. I am so excited for his fast development though in the back of my mind i am a bit sad because i am going to miss him as a baby. According to his record, he is growing just fine and healthy. His coordination is excellent. He can now stand up holding his crib bar and crawl as fast as he can. I bought him some toys that will help him to develop more his coordination. I did that to my oldest one and now i am going to do it again to my youngest one, it really helps a lot and i am thankful that toys are very useful nowadays. Some are educational and some are big help for the babies's fast coordination development. This coming weekend i am going to the store to buy another toy for my baby to help him and guide him to take some steps, that way, he will learn how to walk.

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