Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grandmother's Death Anniversary

I am not so sure how long is my grandmother been gone. She is the mother of my late father and i never got the chance to get to know her that well since she died when i was just in my fifth grade. And as far as i can remember, i cannot even understand her dialect since she talk more on Spanish and Ilonggo. I only speak Cebuano and during those times, i wasn't aware that there are lots of different dialects in my country.

But anyway, i just remembered her and can't even picture her image in my mind because she was very old when i saw her, plus i didn't see her that much when she was still alive. All i remember from her was when she picked some green mangoes in her backyard and gave it to me. She was smiling and told my mother that i am one cute girl. Of course i am her grand daughter lol! Even though i don't have much memories with her, i am still celebrating her death anniversary since she is one good grandmother to me as far as i remember...

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