Monday, March 15, 2010

Waiting For The Passports

Hubby and i already took the kids to the office where to get their passports. Our oldest one got his passport already when he was a baby and we just have to renew it, it's the youngest that is about to receive his very first issued passport. I was a little disappointed that i was not able to use the passport photos that i personally took for my kids to submit it to the office. The man who's in charge there said that the dimension is not correct that's why he cannot accept the photos that i want him to put to my kids's passports. But it's alright as long as the passports are being processed by now, that's all that matters to me the most. We just have to wait few more weeks now to receive the two passports by mail.

Also we are waiting for our baby's paper ticket because the airline won't issue him a what we call E-ticket that the airlines issues to the big passengers. Infant has to have the original ticket and not just the electronic ticket. Our travel agent friend just messaged me earlier, she wanted me to confirm our home address making sure that the ticket will arrive here in time and in a correct address. We still got plenty of time though, no need to rush everything but i just want to make sure that everything will be ready before our flight. I am excited really but i have to get things easy and get things done here before we leave the house and have our long vacation to enjoy.

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