Monday, March 15, 2010

He Deserves To Be

Election is coming so soon back home. People are busy figuring out which one should they vote and which one don't deserve to be in a certain position. One of my classmate in highschool ran for a leader there in our little town, he is a very busy man today, doing some rallies, making campaign logos and sticking some posters on the wall just for the people to recognize him, his achievements, his promises if the people will let him win. He said that running for a leader is quite a challenge for him, also it is expensive to run for a leader. He has to spend money for the poster printing and all that so he will be able to get more votes from people. He is a good man since highschool and i hope that he will win this coming election, he will be a good example to the youth if ever he wins because he has a lot of plans that has to be done. As far as the plan that he told me, he deserves to be voted by people to be a leader in our town.

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