Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Distance Movers

I had a call from my sister in law telling me that my husband's niece will be moving here soon. They are having hard time to choose which is the best rental trailer to for most of them are very expensive and they only have so much amount for their budget. Because they are long distance movers, they need to tighten their budget, they want to save money as possible as they can. Hubby told him to get the rental truck that he knew since then so they can save some. They were so happy when hubby suggested them the truck he advised them to get, they just found out that they are going to save money more than what they're thought. They are very thankful to hubby, and i am glad that hubby was able to help the couple because they are just barely starting to have a new life here. My oldest son would get so excited once he will know about this news, they have a son also that same as age as my son and i am sure they will get along well and play together.

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