Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Preprared Yet

March is already half over but seems like my niece in law is not ready yet for her wedding yet. Everything it not in control yet and she has to get them all done before her wedding day. Even her wedding invitations aren't ready yet. She is too excited for the very special day of her life yet she has a lot of things to do still. She asked me if i could lend her a hand, i will be glad to though but i also have things to do before her wedding day because three days after her big day is our flight going back to Philippines with my kids. I need to get things done before i leave the house so i don't have to deal with the chores when i get back because for sure it is going to be a tiring day soon as i come home from a long vacation. I don't want to do anything when i get back, i just want to rest at least for a week and adjust my body clock. But anyway, i wish my niece luck to get things ready before she runs out of time, but i know she can make it though, i just hope that someone will help her to get things done early in time.

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