Friday, March 26, 2010

Cardboard Display

I just barely got home from taking my son to his school. I have to wait for 3 hours after i pick him up from his school. Nothing else much to do so i just kept on browsing some interesting websites and stumbled to this point of purchase displays that caught my eyes. The products are all made of cardboard but quite useful indeed. This reminded me that my husband was looking for a DVD rack before and couldn't find what he really wants. This is just perfect timing because they also have this DVD racks and it has different designs to it so it makes it not so boring to display. Unlike those plastic black ones that's very classic and common. Soon as hubby comes home from his work i am going to tell him about it and i am sure that he is going to purchase some of this because this is the one he has been looking for in the store. Also they have some other things that hubby might buy it.

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