Thursday, March 11, 2010

For The Better Future

To finish a degree nowadays isn't so difficult anymore if you have a hectic schedule. Especially for a mom like me that cannot afford to lose even a minute to my kids. I promised myself to be a hands on mother to my kids and i will stand to it. But also, i wanted to continue my studies at the same time. I am so glad that pursuing my studies isn't as hard like it was before for i can just take any course to an online university where i can find the degree that i want to take. It is now just a tap of my fingers. I already searched the University that a friend referred to me, she also sent me the link of their online degree programs that i can choose from. I have been planning to continue my studies even before then but i wasn't able to. But now that i can do it, i will definitely pursue my studies because i want to find a good job that will fit to the degree that i am going to finish. With that, i can say that i have something accomplished to myself aside from having such a wonderful family of my own.

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