Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A New Beginning For This Site

My day is filled with good news. Although my son is sick but apart from it, the rest are all good. First of all i am happy and thankful that i am still alive, thanking the big Boss above for giving me another day to live (which i am thankful everyday), and the other reason is this blog has a new beginning. I just barely changed my layout to this website yesterday and submitted it to a paid blogging website. I received the reply this morning telling me that this has been added to their system, yay! Another website, more chance that i get more income through blogging.

Although it isn't that much nowadays but i am still happy, grateful and thankful for every little blessings i get every single day. It's way better than going out and have a job, i cannot just do that for i have two boys to take care of and they are still so little, they still need my care. Hubby is happy for me because he himself, doesn't want me to find a job outside. At least this way, i get to buy the things i like for myself and little things for our kids. Also, i am happy that i am getting a little income so i can slowly buy the things that i want to bring for my beloved family back home.


Simply_Haze said...

Very nice layout Darl's. Love the colour kay nice sa eyes.

Kangaroo said...