Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soda Is No Good

Are you a soda addict? I am not. I tried to stay away from soda though because in my family there is history of diabetes, both sides and it's possible for me to get that illness. In fact, whenever i get pregnant, my sugar is too high, i am sure you are all aware of what the doctors called Gestational Diabetes. When i was pregnant with my youngest one, i had the most complicated pregnancy stages ever, especially the very last 3 months, it was terrible and unbearable pain. I didn't know that i also had gall bladder infection then. Good thing it was out now and i am well.

But anyway, most of my siblings has diabetes illness already like my parents. My father died with it and my mother is having it now but not terribly that bad, she is about in a borderline but still, we keep on reminding her to watch her health carefully, try to stay away from tempting food and drinks like soda because she will be the only one that'll suffer with the effect afterwards. That's why, i try to stay away from soda too because i know soda is made up with lots and lots of sugar and contains something that it can harm me once i drink it too much. As what they say, everything that's too much is bad. Hubby doesn't buy soda that much and stack some in the fridge because we have a preschooler here that sneaks in the fridge and might keep on drinking soda which is not good. We only buy soda once in a while but not very often.

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