Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She Wants To Lose Weight

Another thing that's on my list is the fda approved diet pills. It's not for me though, it's for my cousin. She wanted me to buy her some diet pills here because it's a little less compared if she buys it there, she already tried it before and it worked just perfect for her. She's been having hard time losing weight since she was teenager, i guess her metabolism is not that strong to burn her unwanted fats. I asked her if she is willing to try the liposuction but she just gave me a scared look right after i asked her that. She said she is happy enough knowing that the diet pills she is currently taking is working for her and she is seeing the progress. I also am happy for her, glad to know that she wanted to get rid of her fats slowly not instant. Being big makes someone's self esteem low and that's what happened to my cousin, that's why she wanted to lose some weight.

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