Monday, March 8, 2010

Calm And Elegant Look

Yay!!! Finally i was able to change my layout here. It has been long time since i had my previous layout and i got bored with it, honestly. It wasn't as good like i wanted to but i kept it because i had no time to change it and make my own layout. So i decided to contact the most expert layout maker Miss Carlota. I would like to thank her for such a great work of hers, i so love this new look, it's so calm and a very elegant layout. I am so sure that i am going to keep this layout for long, maybe permanent. Now i am more inspired to keep on updating this blog because of the very beautiful new look, just like the one who made it and of course the author, lol! Just kidding, but seriously, i really am glad that finally this blog got a new dress now.

1 comment:

Sweetiepie said...

I really love it dai, its pleasing to the eyes. you`re right the old layout was wayyyyyyyyyy too bright ra jud. This layout makeover much better jud and I love it big time! I can't wait to get mine para ma change napod nako ang layout sa isa ka blog!