Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He Is My Man

Hubby loves to watch television a lot, it's the only past time he has. Whenever there is nothing to do for him, he likes to just sit, relax, and watch his old time shows to get entertained. But anyway, he often sees that commercial about male enhancement and he makes fun of it because we don't really like watching those kinds of commercials you know, especially when our oldest son is around with us, he might get curious and asks us what is it for and we cannot answer him because it is too complicated for him to explain about it. He once mentioned to me that one of his co-workers opened up a topic about it, the guy was using maxoderm and he said that his girl loved him even more. I am not so sure if hubby tried to give me a hint or something but i told him that he is a man enough to me and he doesn't need anything to prove me he can make me happy because he can even not without using anything and that is not my basis of how i become happy being with him. I love him with no ifs and buts.

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