Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Craving For Shiopao


Why all of the sudden that this food that i used to eat in Philippines suddenly just popped out in my mind? I have not eaten this food for a long long time now and i am missing it so bad. I am thinking right now that soon as i get there back home, i will eat those food that i have been missing, those food that i cannot find it easy here where i am at. You know, when you are used to eat those food that you really love and then you haven't had it for awhile, you will surely miss it and will crave for it. That's the advantage of the Filipinos in California or in Florida i think because there's plenty of Filipino store where they can buy Filipino food that i cannot buy it here. In fact, i don't even see one Filipino bakery or restaurant here nearby or even to the capital city here in our state. That's why i really promised myself that i will try to eat everything that i am craving, especially this siopao, my very favorite merienda...

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Mommy Scart said...

kalami ba ana Darl hehehe. Wala bay Wow Bao diha sa inyo darl? naa na silay baligya nga soipao ang lasa murag sa pinas. mas lami pa.