Monday, March 22, 2010

New Hairstyle For Spring

I finally got my bangs back! If i remember it right, the last time i had my bangs was way back when i was in grade school still. Then i stumbled a website yesterday that has Katie Holmes pic on it and i liked her new hairstyle. So i asked myself what if i am going to have bangs again, what would i be look like? Now that i finally got it, it feels so weird because i never have it for a long time. I am not used to it and i feel so awkward having it. But i am sure that i will get used to it later on though. Some of my friends told me that it looks good on me though which i kind of agree and somewhat not as well, lol! I dunno, i have mix emotions about this bangs i have now, lol! My son and my husband told me i look funny and silly with my bangs, they didn't liked it but i told them they will get used to it later on just like me. Anyway, nothing to worry about though because my hair grows back real fast.

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Anonymous said...

I like that hairstyle. I had a haircut and I had it cut short.