Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaching Him To Write

My preschooler is learning a lot of things now since he started to go to school. Well, he already learned many things even before he goes to school though, but he is doing excellent lately. He can now read difficult words that usually a preschooler finds it hard to read. In fact, i am so flattered when his teacher talked to me that his learning skills is quite advance for a preschooler, his learning skills level is for first grader already. Hubby and i aren't so sure if we should be happy to know that though because he might get tired going to school later on because of his advanced skills. And if he goes to first grade and he knows already the things that the teacher will teach him, he might get bored and won't find the school exciting for him anymore. We are a little worried about that.
But anyway, i am trying to teach him to write his name neatly. He knew how to write but it's not as presentable and readable like i wanted to see. I just have to keep on teaching him using the papers that has horizontal lines to it so he will learn where to start and where to stop. My son is one smart kid, he picks up instructions real easy, and i am glad that he is also excited of whatever i teach him, it only indicates that he is willing to learn more.

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