Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please Pray For Their Safety

I was browsing my facebook homepage this morning and i have read some of my friend's posts that Tsunami will possibly hit Philippines. I was alarmed and got so worried for my mother lives close to the sea shore. She lives in a small island and that is scary news for me to hear that Philippines is going to have calamity coming. I will pray for the people in Philippine's safety. I also am concerned to those who live right on the water. There's a lot of poor people living by the shore, their life is in danger if ever Tsunami will hit Philippines.
Please, whoever read this post i have here, find some time to pray for my fellow Filipino's safety. This is a very scary calamity that might happen and it could cause death of so many lives. They just barely undergone big calamity already, the deep flood before and now this Tsunami that is about to hit there. I just pray and i am hoping that this Tsunami won't come and God will protect our family and fellow filipinos back home. This is a very frightening news for me, and for sure to all of those filipinos as well who is living abroad that has family in Philippines. Let's pray for their safety...

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imelda said...

glad that nothing happened. thanks for the prayers darlene