Monday, January 14, 2008


This is exciting! I found a website that is really cool and i can submit some topic myself and whatever i like to post i can do it. It is called YawpBox. And as i was reading the website a lot of people is enjoying the YawpBox and posted their own activities and photos as well. Don't you think this is fun and entertaining? Well it is definitely for me and this is even more fun because i can share my activities to many people that's subscribing this website. Or if you just want to observe first, they have so many categories that you can choose from to entertain yourself made by people who's active in this website. Are you some kinda bored today? Well, get yourself some laugh and smile in your face, that's all you need and visit the website i can assure you that you will be interested on this. This is unique and cool website. And you can even watch some other things in this website with your kids because i saw some puppet that they have in there. This will absolutely suits your taste. And if you want to join the fun you can upload your own story or your photos in this website? Now, tell me if this isn't cool to you? I bet it is huh? So why don't you visit the website now and take a look how people had fun in there!

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Merydith said...

Darl sayanga uy kay naa sad ni sya nga video nga worth $35.00 unta pero dugay lang ni gawas. Gauna lang ni siya.