Friday, January 25, 2008

Unlimited Ringtones

Planning to buy cellphone is of course downloading or buying ring tones is included. Since a lot of songs that i like, i think that would cost me a whole lot of keep buying the ring tones. But when i found out that i can download or buy it and it's unlimited, i am very happy to know about it. It isn't just ringtones, i can also download MP3 at for only $19.95. It isn't bad at all! For i have mentioned already that it is unlimited and i can download whatever songs that i like. I am now very excited to have cellphone and also i will refer this website to my friends and to my aunt so she can also enjoy this unlimited ringtones and she can replace her ringtones whenever she wants it. I remember when i was back home, i used to buy every ringtones and it cost me a whole of money and that's what makes my bill so big for keep buying the ringtones. But now that i found out that i can download it for unlimited and it doesn't cost so much, i am very glad. So guys if you are ringtones addict then you can have this, it's unlimited and it doesn't cost you a whole lot of money!

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