Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Ordinary Day

Good morning everyone here! I have pretty and beautiful day today as beautiful as me lol! I am just kidding though. Anyway, it's another great Monday isn't it? And today is holiday no banks, no government offices are open today but hubby went to work. And as for me it is another ordinary day and i am always thankful for the blessings i receive everyday, for myself, for my family and for my friends. I can't believe that January is almost half over now and before we know it, February will take the place. Oh my! I am so excited for my next doctor's visit! I am looking forward to it. As i keep looking at my ticker here in my site seeing how my baby inside is slowly developing and now the baby is complete, got hands, toes and everything, the baby is now a human being, not just a tiny little bean inside me no more. And i am so excited too, to know the gender of my next baby.

Anyway, so much for all this guys hope you have a great Monday morning and may you have enough energy to face all the challenge that you are about to encounter today. And to those new visitors here, you are most welcome to read all my entries and please don't hesitate to leave your footprints whether in my tag board or in comments box. Thank you and Good morning!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hope you enjoyed the holiday. Take care.

jennyr said...

i'm glad u moved this into your own domain Darls and hopefully when google updates PRs you can gain some! btw, ipahibalo nimo sa amoa ang gender or secret?heeheh! naa diay koy tag nimo,enjoy!