Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Uh-uh Snow Again!

Yeah it is snowing again here early in the morning and the flakes are big enough to cover the whole city once again. Oh my gosh! I thought that the snow storm this week was over but i was wrong. Here comes the snow again and it's pretty dark outside. It was my son who noticed that it's snowing outside, he was screaming and very excited telling me that there's snow outside. I said yeah winter is not over yet so we'll have to expect some more snow storm coming. I love snow but i just don't like going outside to enjoy it, it's way too cold for my body and my poor body easily will react the freezing weather outside. Oh well, i better stay inside the house and do some blogging this makes me feel good even better though lol! And besides out front porch is kinda icy and slick, that's why i don't dare go outside or i might slip and fall. Oh no! That's a big no no to me. Have a good Tuesday morning people!

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