Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tickets to go

Every year we have county fair here and i am enjoying it every time we celebrate it. Also my son he loves to go rides and all that you can see at the county fair. But we never have tried to see Rodeo. Hubby said it is fun to watch something like that because people are cheering and amaze how a rodeo guys can tame the wild bull. Anyway, hubby said that we must go see Rodeo someday and i would love to. I was searching here in the internet and this is the one that i got, Houston Rodeo Tickets. Wow this is some kinda good idea to see some Rodeo rides and at the same time enjoy the city of Texas. Texas State is well known where cowboys live long time ago and it's still is until now. I would love to see the Rodeo where the original cowboys were located. And i am sure that our son would be excited about it. This is some kinda new to us and fun to try. I would love to see how cowboys can tame the wild bull and deal with those grumpy heavy creatures.

How about you guys? Don't you love to see some kinda fun like this? If you do, why don't you gather your family and get the Houston Rodeo Tickets and enjoy watching!

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