Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gloomy And Dark Tuesday

Good morning everyone! I hope that you will start your day with smile and happiness in your heart. I just barely got up from bed and i want to greet you all a happy Tuesday morning that's why i came up straight here right away. I have a very beautiful morning but the weather is so unfriendly today. It dark and gloomy here and i suppose it will snow again this morning until dark. That's what i heard from the news caster last night. I hope that the weather will be better tomorrow for i have an appointment at the immigration office to change my conditional to unconditional status here in United States. Right now i am hoping that the sun would come out and melt the snow.

1 comment:

Rissa said...

dri sa amo kay mura na og summer, 70's. pero ugma motugnaw napod daw. hahay, wa jud klaro ni among weather. moulan pod yata karong gabii dri sa amo. glad to know u had a great morning. ako tawon ganihang buntag perting kapoya kay wa koy tarong tulog. na purhisyo akong tiyan, lol!