Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emotion Tag

Got this tag from Justine my new online blogger friend. Thank you so much for this gwapa i truly appreciate this tag. And here's my answer.

1. Happiest moment?
- when I delivered my son 2 years ago

2. Saddest moment?
- that remains to be untold

3. The most memorable moment?
- When hubby proposed marriage to me

4. The most unforgettable moment?
- When i met my Mr. Big Heart for the first time that was three year ago

5. Things that you've learned last year?
- A lot of things i learned not even just last year, it's everyday so i am not going to mention them one by one

6. Weirdest thing?
- I cannot remember anything

7. The most unforgettable things you saw?
- When i first got here, the snow, the sweet corn here in United States and the big lakes here

8. The fact that you had finally accepted/agreed
- You cannot please everybody

9. Best event?
- Our wedding day

10. People who plays an extremely important role in your life so far?
- Hubby
- Son

11. Things that you hope to achieve in 2008?
-Get rid of my moody attitude
-Healthy pregnancy
-Safe delivery
-To let my younger brother finish her studies
-Go back home and rest there

12. 5 Things that you sincerely hope that will be a reality in 2008?
-To be together with my family forever

13. Tag 5 persons
-Ivy, Anne, Jenny, Juliana, and Recel.

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