Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cheer Up Award

Good morning everyone! How's your morning so far? Hope you all have a great morning today. As for me it wasn't as nice and it wasn't as bad either like yesterday. I had a terrible headache yesterday and good thing that i am a little better now even though i am not well, but still i am thankful that it didn't get worse instead. Anyway, i missed a lot of things yesterday here though, i missed to blog hop to some of my friend's sites and to some of the new comers in my sites. Some people left me comments and they want to exchange links with me but i haven't been able to do that yet. My apology. But i will try to do it today as soon as i can.

Anyway, i got a very cool award again from YEN, JENNY, RICH and GENNY. Thank you so much guys for passing this award to me i was really surprised that i did cheer you up? lol! Well, i am thankful i was able to cheer up someone and my pleasure to have you as my friends. Thank you so much again! And i would like to pass this to some of my friends who cheered me up too namely Recel, In-in, Ivy, Anne, Carrie, Cora, Mommy J, Mommy Ems and Twinkletoe.


Carrie Smith said...

So sweet! Thank you for the awards Darlene. I will get them posted later on today.

Great blog. First time visiting this one. I will return for more!

enjoy your day

Pinay WAHM said...

Thanks so much Mommy Darlene...appreciate the thought.



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