Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shovel Later

Later i will try to help hubby to shovel the snow in our driveway because the snow is really thick. I feel bad for hubby earlier because he was trying to clean the snow by the driveway so he can get the car out from the snow for it was being buried. Good thing the snow finally stopped so we can shovel the driveway and i can give hubby a little bit of help. But hubby said that i don't need to worry about it for he can take care of it. Oh well he just worries if i cannot stay outside very long. I'll just post some of our photos later that i took earlier when we had our little trip to Salt Lake city.


Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hello darlene. hope you're having a good day despite the cold. blessings!

texas_sweetie said...

ka sosyal bas taga UTAH oi pala palahon man lang ug yano ilang snow.ako tawn diri bisan nipis lang nga snow mga tagak ihas na kau ko kay snow man lagi. milagro jud na magpala mi diri cguro..3 inches kina bag an saon...panglabay mamooo beh?

jennyr said...

murag walay hilis2 snow nganha ah! may nalang nganhi wala napod nagsnow. lisud pod btaw sa driveway kung daghan2 bah...btw, i got u tagged darls at this link!