Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wine Racks

As i have mention before that we are going to do a little renovation to our basement and we want to use the empty room so it will be useful. We want to put something like pool tables, couches for the friends to sit in, and at the side we want to put a little bar so that our friends and family can have some wine of they want. And we'll have to put Wine Racks by the little bar so to keep the different kinds of wine arranged and will be in order. We have been planning so many things about downstairs and that's the one we want. It would be so nice to have a little bar downstairs and while they are enjoying each other's company. That would be perfect to hang out downstairs during holidays and any other occasions such like, birthdays and get together party. We have been planning so many things and that little bar with Wine Racks is one of our plan to put in there. And i already know where to buy the best Wine Racks, they have, lots of selections to choose from, from small ones to big ones. And we will buy the medium one so it will fit right to the bar that we are planning to put by the corner of that empty room.

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