Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Magic of Flowers

Who doesn't want to receive flowers from your spouse? No one right? Of course i would love to receive lovely flowers from my dear hubby. Especially if the Flowers that's being sent is a surprise. There was one time that he surprised me with our very first anniversary and i was really happy about it and shed tears. Husbands knows how to soften the heart of a sulking wives, they just have to order Flowers from the shop and that will settle everything.

Also, If you want to send Flowers to your mother as birthday presents or during mother's day, i found a best place where you can order nice flowers for your dear mother. Just like me , i ordered flowers so i can give it to our neighbor here, a young lady who's gonna turn eighteen next week. I also told her mother to order her birthday cake flower online at 1-800-flowers.com because i saw that they have a very beautiful and very creative work of art kind of birthday cake and it's made by Flowers around it. I showed it to her and she was impressed and amazed by the decorations she saw. The flowers will be delivered by UPS, DHL, Fed Ex or other courier to keep the flowers fresh and smells good.

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Rissa said...

kagwapa sad ana nga cake oi. makaon pa ba kaha na nga napuno man og flowers, lol!