Friday, January 11, 2008

Salon Grafix Shampoo

I wonder what would i look like if i turn my hair into funky look? Would it fit right to me? I guess so. Do you remember guys that i posted some edited photos of mine here long time ago and you were tricked by me and you thought that i did really cute my hair way short? Yeah it isn't so bad at all is it? Well, i don't know, i am kinda planning to try new funky look style. I wanna try something new and eye catching look. And i am curious if how i am going to keep my hair its color because i am thinking that it would be a good idea if i color my hair, would that be so nice? Well, good thing i found this very interesting Salon Grafix that can maintain the color of my hair. It is very unusual shampoo because it's made from powder and not like the usual sticky liquid that we are using in our bathroom. I would wanna try this very interesting shampoo, i've never heard this before that shampoo could be like powder but this thing got me so curious. Why not give it a try? After all it's new year so i must have the new look as well don't you agree? Are you some kinda curious like me too? Well try this shampoo from Salon Grafix now!

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