Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Troubled Mind

Before i got pregnant with this coming baby that i am bearing right now, we already have plans and decisions with my dear husband. We agreed that soon as i get pregnant i am going back home and will deliver the baby in there, so i will be well taken cared by my family. But since i got pregnant, i am now confused whether to go back home or it's better for me stay here and will go home after i deliver the baby. Right now i am feeling some unusual experiences that makes me think twice. I am considering things here and there. If i deliver the baby out there, there would be a lot of hassles that i am going through when we talk about documents and all that, but the good thing being there is i will be with my family and they can take care of me and can attend my son while i am recovering.

And if i deliver the baby here, there would be no problem at all when it comes to papers of the baby but the disadvantage being here is hubby can only have so much vacation then after that he has to go back to work and no one can help me here with our son and the baby as well. Anyway, i am really confused as of now but i am thinking that it maybe better for me to stay here instead, i might not be able to handle the long trip going back home. What do you think guys?


mzaprille said...

Hi, just dropping by :) check out this site. hope this helps you.


recel said...

for me darl, mas ok kung diri ra ka manganak oi.. mayman diri kay naa ang bana.. although lami pud kung naa jud ang own family pero for me, mas prefer naku ang presence sa bana oi.. para makita niya unsa ka-kapoy atong role. haha!

btw darl, naa baya ko tag nimo.. nia ra o kini nga link. lamat daan ha? :)

Rissa said...

wala bay family imong hubby na duol ra ninyo Darl? i guess u have friends man pod dba. for me, i'd prefer to give birth here in the US kay mas feel nako na safe ko if something goes wrong. anyway, it's really all up to u. having 2 kids isn't really that hard. u'll be fine. take care!