Friday, January 18, 2008

Exchange Links

As you noticed that i removed my exchange links button here due to some reasons. I have been deleting some of links there already and that only means that those links that i erased have been added to my original blog roll. But i still keep deleting some of them even though they have been added already. Some of those people that i am talking about don't have enough patience to scroll down the blog roll i have below. Please if you have added my links to your site, kindly scroll down my blog roll located below in this page and it's titled " BLOGGERS LINKS or BISDAK BLOGGERS" and if your links isn't there yet then let me know so i can add your links right away. Thank you for giving enough time to scroll down the link box i have provided and don't hesitate to let me know if your link hasn't been added yet. And if you want me to add your links, please reciprocate because it is assured that once you requested that you want me to add your links, it will be added right away and it is assured too that your links will be added to my four sites which is My Life My World, Mommy's Gibble Gabbles, Sweet Paradise and Author's Sweet Life. Thank you!


gagiers said...

hi dar, pwede nimo add ang akong duha ka blog?

salamat kaayo ha :-)

have a nice day!

C&B said...

i so much agree to this