Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Appointment at Immigration Office

Good morning everyone here! Hope all is well with your morning and hope that you start your morning filled with love and happiness in your heart. I just wanna greet you all guys a beautiful morning real quick for i am in hurry right now. I have to prepare things, we are going to Salt Lake City for my immigration appointment today, for my green card matter. I need to change my green card from conditional to unconditional for my old green card will expire next month. I am hoping we won't be gone too long and we can get back soon as we can. It's freezing outside and we need to leave early, we have something else to do before the appointment. So i'll be right back later this afternoon hopefully. See you all guys later and Happy Wednesday morning!


Mimi said...

Good luck on your appointment Dar. I am waiting for my 10 year green card now. I had my appointment last February 2007. It was so easy. God bless you all. Take care always.

""rare jonRez"" said...

good luck darl! pa-adopt dayon ko nimo ha kung conditional na ka? hehehe