Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get Paid To Blog

Making money blogging is the great way to earn a little extra money for me. Since i am stay home wife and a full time mother to our dear son, i cannot afford to lose my time to go to work instead of taking care of my son myself and let baby sitter or a daycare center will attend him. Hubby and disagreed about that idea and no one of us would like to send our son to anybody who can attend him. So hubby and i decided that i better stay home and take care of our beloved son. And since i am home, blogging is one of my hobbies and get paid to blog is the best way i can earn money at home. I am loving it really because i can do multi tasking, i can take care of my family's needs and give them my full attention, and at the same time i am earning a little bit of cash. Although it isn't as much like if i work outside in our house, but hey you know what? Who's gonna give me some money by just sitting here right in front of my computer? Non one right? Well as for me i love blogging and i am happy that i am making extra money with my hobby.

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Gellianne said...

Hi! I totally agree with you.As PPP says, why not be paid for writing about the things we love right?

Hey, I added you already to my blogroll!Hope you can add me too!