Friday, January 11, 2008

Behaving Like A Pig

I am trying to amuse myself right now because i am starting to feel that my eyes are falling off. I am very sleepy, this is what usually happens to me every time after i ate breakfast. I am behaving like a pig, i tried not to crawl back to bed so i won't totally fall into a deep sleep again. I am fighting with what i am feeling right now but seems that my mind keeps telling me that my soft bed is waiting for me out there. It's really tempting and now it made me think whether i just let myself loose or not. I don't know, i want to sleep all the time and makes me feel good afterwards. Oh my gosh! I hate fighting with my feelings, most of the time i lose you know? I can't resist to crawl back to bed and snuggle my soft pillow and blanket. Somebody help me please!!! I don't want to get my butt off here in front of computer, but my mind is strong enough, dragging my body towards my bed, oh please!!!


Petra said...

Take care, don't work too much. If your body tells you to rest just do it. Take care and the baby.

recel said...

nah darl ako ing-ana unta ko oi kay matulog jud ko! bahala na magkadi-unsa. dakung kalipay jud ni jon makita ko niya nga naghagok! he rarely sees me man gud nga matulog oi. saon di jud ko hingatulgon ba. tan-awa karon o, kaadlawong daku i'm up. gamay pa kaau ako tulog pero di naman ko katulog balik so anhi nalang ko diri. hehe... even when i was pregnant w/ triz, wa japon ko ka-feel nga katulgon ko. ambot ba oi! hahaha!

but i am sure w/ u, that's just temporary.. pregnancy period lang na... have a great weekend darl! :)