Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Author Is Ill

I am so sorry guys, i tried my best to keep myself up but i guess i finally gave up. I was trying to start blog hopping this morning but seems like my head is killing me so bad. So i lay down in my bed all day and until now, i go back and fort here in front of my computer. If i feel a little better then i get up and try to make my goal done for this day, but my apology for not visiting your site today, i did tried my best though, it's just that i am really ill. I am having terribly bad morning sickness and feels like my head is going to break and everytime i sit here in my computer, i feel like my body will fall down from the chair where i sat. I hope you guys will understand me and i will try to catch up soon as i can. I promise.

Anyway, i finally joined my very first Wordless Wednesday lastnight and i succeeded. As you noticed my entry below has a lot of comments, i did good on hopping from one participant to another last night. And you know what, i did find it very fun and exciting to see all the participant's photos and leave some kind comments and they will do the same to me. Too bad i wasn't able to visit all the participants today for i am really sick and been puking. So i guess i will do this from now on, this is really fun! I am loving it! And this is the great way of making my alexa lower, and when i also checked my real rank, it went down so fast. So why don't you join the fun as well guys? You will love it!

Oh, it's getting late, i better go and get more rest so i will feel better tomorrow i hope. I just want to say goodnight to everyone and thank you for all my dear loyal readers for keep coming back here and leave some love and care. Have a goodnight and hope to see you all tomorrow morning!

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Jeanne said...

hope you will feel better soon