Thursday, January 10, 2008

Love and Hate Tag

Got this very cool tag from Yen and Juliana. Thank you ladies for tagging me i really appreciate this. And here's my love and hate things hehehehe..... I am tagging no one for i know that most of my friends has been tagged with this. So guys if you haven't done this tag yet please feel free to grab this.

1. I love to eat: Pasta a lot!
2. I hate to eat: Exotic food
3. I love to go: home and relax in a cool breeze out there
4. I hate to go: outside all the time during winter season
5. I love it when: When my job is well done
6. I hate it when: when i feel so sleepy and i want to stay here in the computer
7. I love to see: my family in philippines
8. I hate to see: When there's children are not taught good manner and proper behavior
9. I love to hear: My son whe he begs me for something
10. I hate to hear: when my son cries, and whine

1 comment:

recel said...

yeah, i hate it when Triz is whining, too and i don't get what she wants. so argggg! lol

btw, naa ko tag for u. kini nga link lang... kitakits! :)