Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hubby Is At Work

Good morning everyone! How's your weekend? hope that you wake up with full of energy to do the daily tasks today. I woke up very early and talked to some of my friends online about things that's going on here lately. If hubby didn't go to work i am probably still in the bed until now but since he went to work, i woke up at my usual time. It's mandatory that he has to work today so they can do more buffer for their products. I am just hoping the he won't be working tomorrow so he can have some rest at least one day. He's been working for several Saturdays now since last year. He only had a long vacation during holidays but that was it. Soon as he got back to work he is on the go again. Oh well what should i expect, i got a very workaholic husband and his job needs him so he's taking advantage to it. Anyway, i hope that you are going to have a great weekend guys!


jenny said...

I was happy to get your comment on my blog. Visit anytime.

My sister is about to move to Utah from Oklahoma. Her husband's job is taking her up there. This makes her farther from me, so it's sad to me.

interesting blogs!

Nance said...

awwwww! what a cute kitty! can i have him? lol

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hello darl. hope hubby does not get too tired! how's the preggy mom?