Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soccer Balls

As my son is growing up he starts to appreciate ball games. He is start liking to watch soccer games in the TV as if he really understands what was going on and to think he is only two years old. I asked him if he would love to play something like soccer game and he answered me "yes mommy". I know it's too young for him to understand my question but i would love to see him being active in sports especially ball games like soccer. I sometimes imagining my son is playing soccer games with his school mates when he goes to school soon.

Encouraging kids to be active in sports is the great way to divert their attention from bad things. So as early as my son's age, i would like to put it in his mind that sports is a great hobby he must do. But of course i would not pressure him for the things that i want him to do, i am hoping that he would get interested in sports activity. I started to search Soccer Balls in the internet, so this would be the gift that we give him when he turns 3 years old soon. I am sure he will get interested on this kind of outdoor activity especially his birthday is on spring time perfect for him to play outside.

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