Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two Awards I Got

Wow!I feel so great today!I must be very special to their hearts coz they think of giving me these awards.I guess i believe that what you sow is what will you reap.It's not that i am oblige to blog hop so i get more visitors back,i did it because i am always having fun doing it especially to my considered as good friend's sites.But this one mommy blogger that i just barely knew her here in blogging world is kind enough to give me a very cute award.She is mommy GENNY that gave me this award.Please take a peek at her blog by clicking her name.
And this beautiful young lady who's always been my loyal visitor & commentator of my every entries,is been so good to me although we only became friends in a short period of time & i am already counting her as one of my good friend here in blogging world.She lives in United Kingdom with her handsome husband.She is quite intelligent woman yet very humble & simple girl.I am asking you guys a favor to visit her blog soon as you get a chance.She is MELODY a kind hearted lady.

And i'm giving these two awards to these bloggers that i considered as "good friends" Jenny,Ivy,Shabem,Rissa,Rachel,Haze & Anne.Please ladies grab your awards now & post it in your sites,& if you have somebody that you think they deserve to have one of these awards just feel free to pass these to them.


Since i haven't had tags for a while,might as well post this new tag that is being passed by two pretty bloggers, Anne & Garf.Tag is done ladies!Thank you so much!

Here is something to keep you amused. Complete these sentences. Please tag and pass it on for someone else to do. Please link back here for the template. You don't mind, do you? Ho! Ho! Ho!

Get the Santa tag from this link
Everyday Should Be Cristmas and finish the sentence.

You can use single words or phrases:

01] I want to see Santa.
02] Santa is nice.
03] If I were in a room with Santa, I would _sit on his lap and take a picture of us.
04] I think Santa should _give poor kids lotta toys.
05] Santa needs _to meet me.
06] I want to hug Santa.
07] Someday Santa will pass by our house and leave me some toys___.
08] Santa reminds me of _my childhood.
09] Without Santa _kids won't be happy.
10] My memories of Santa are _fair.
11] Santa can be _a good father.
12] The worst thing about Santa is never came to see me.
13] The best thing about Santa is give lotta toys
14] I am excited with Santa.
15] One thing I would like to know about Santa is really exist?
16] Santa should go and make children happy.
17] Santa should not be late giving presents to the children lol.
18] I pass this tag to anyone who are interested to do this.


Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations! You deserve those wonderful awards.

Anonymous said...

Ok lang yon oy thanks pod.Ingat

Melody said...

helo darl, kanindot sa mga description oi, ganahan man pud tah anah:-)
salamat pod darl, enjoy pud ko basa basa dinhi..
were in the p.i at the moment, maybe one sweet day, just going to have a short holiday soon, somewhere, somehow lol kanta yun ah...heheh
hala, naa man diay koy tagay sa ubos, wa nako napansin, himoon nako nih makalugar
salamat darl
2log nako, kepoy nah

Rissa said...

aw! thanks Darl! hala 3 na ka award akong utang Darl, hehe! wala pa nako nahimo. salamat kaau ha. basta one of these days himoon nako ni. iponon nalang nako tanan cguro. happy hump day!

Shabem said...

Hmm.. I am feeling fabulous hehehehe.....THanks Darlz! I definitely have names in my mind right who deserves this fabulous award. I will spread it!
I might grab that santa tag too hehehe pang filler. Have a great day! Muahhh.......

haze said...

wow this such a nice award...daghan salamat Darl's daghana award nimo uy.

Hala christmas na kaau ang tag dah hehehehe.

Nagsubmit naka sa PPP?

recel said...


congrats Darl! i think u deserve it! ganyan ka ka-love ng mga friends mo!!

have a great wednesday night!!!

jennyr said...

I am so pleased Darl to get these awards!!! Thank you dearest friend!!! And btw, I have a tag for you at my bravenet!

Heart of Rachel said...

Oh my, I was the first to comment and didn't even realize that you have extended those awards to me.

Thank you Darlene for your generous heart. I appreciate your sweet gesture.